The next Susitna 100 and Little Su 50K will be held February 14-16, 2015


 We look forward to seeing you in 2015.





Susitna 100 and Little Su 50K

Official Race Rules

Dogs: Any racer with a dog on the course will be disqualified. Please do not bring your pets to the race! The race start/finish is at Happy Trails Kennels – this is a working Iditarod dog team kennel.  We are guests of this business and must be considerate! 


Phone calls: We know you have friends and family who want to track your progress during the race.  Please ask them to do so via the website, which will be updated with results throughout the race if weather and conditions allow.  During the race, our phones are used to contact checkpoints and facilitate racer safety.  If a true emergency arises, and someone must contact a racer or race personnel, then this number may be used: 907-232-2553.  In the history of the race, only four or five such situations have arisen.  Events such as death in the family or imminent birth of a child come to mind.  Arranging post-race

transportation is NOT an emergency. 


Please do not call any of the checkpoints including Happy Trails Kennel or EagleQuest Lodge.



100 Mile Race --Day of Race Sign In


 Each racer must see the Race Officials at the Race HQ and “officially” sign-in between 7:30 & 8:45AM.

  • Each racer must, at sign in, declare their division (mode of transportation).

  • Any racer who has not signed in by 8:45am must wait until after the race start to sign in.

  • Any racer with gear needing to be re-checked, must also wait until after the start.

  • If you neglect to sign in, you are not entered in the race.

 50K Race --Day of Race Sign In

  • Each racer must see the Race Officials at the Race HQ and “officially” sign-in to declare their division (mode of transportation). Sign in will begin at 9:15AM.

  • Any racer who has not signed in by 10:45AM must wait until after the race start to sign in.

Race Gear

Racers must carry the required gear for the race in which they are entered.

Litter/Used or Wet Gear

  • Racers will be disqualified for littering.
  • Racers are not allowed to leave wet or discarded clothing or gear at any checkpoint.

    If you start with it, you finish with it.

No Outside Help

  • Racers may only accept help from officials or other racers.

  • Racers are not allowed to accept any help from a race official that advances that racer along the course.



  • 50K racers need to have their bib numbers visible for checkers at the Four Corners water stop.

  • 100 mile racers must sign into and verbally check out of each checkpoint.

  • Any racer who misses a checkpoint will be disqualified.

  • Non-racers who are on the course to follow racers (or for any other reason) are not permitted in checkpoints.

Race Route

  • The race course parallels Ayrshire Road on the north side. Any racer, who travels on the road surface, will be disqualified. 

  • Racers must follow the marked race route (no short cuts).


Time Limits

  • All 100 mile racers must adhere to the cut-off times for checkpoints as presented at the Pre-Race
    Briefing. Total time allowed for the 100 mile course is 48 hours.


2014 Susitna 100 Checkpoints and Cutoff Times



To Finish

Next checkpoint

Departure  time/day

Happy Trail Kennel

Race HQ/Start




0900 Sat

Pt. Mackenzie Parking Lot




1600 Sat

Flathorn Lake




2100 Sat

5 Star Tent Camp




0400 Sun

EagleQuest Lodge




1300 Sun

Cow Lake




2200 Sun

Hunter Loop Trail Tent




0400 Mon

Happy Trail Kennel

Race HQ/Finish




0900 Mon



  • Total time allowed for the 50K race is 12 hours.


Race Trail Etiquette

Susitna 100 and Little Su 50K


Road and Trail Use

  • Please yield the trail to motorized vehicles and all dog teams.

  • For safety sake, pull off the trail if you stop for repairs, change clothes, etc.


Runway Etiquette

 Runways are of utmost concern to those using them, and are of a shouting, if not

gun  toting, offense  when violated. Several are found on Flat Horn Lake and one on Cow Lake.

  • Do not bike, ski, walk, run, snowshoe, camp, or sleep on any runway.

  • Runways are usually defined by groomed, maintained area, much longer than wider, and having “cut” tree boughs or other flagging placed along its length (at both ends for sure). Pilots depend on these groomed runways to transport their food, family, friends, and clients.

Restroom Etiquette

  • Indoor restrooms are available at Race HQ  
  • Always ask at a checkpoint or lodge where the designated restroom is!
  • Do not defecate on race trail.
  • Do not use pee bottles indoors at checkpoints.


Sleeping Between Checkpoints (Susitna 100)


  • If you are going to bivy (sleep) between checkpoints please tell the checker at your last checkpoint that you intend to do so.

  • If you bivy between checkpoints please do so just off the main trail, but still in sight of the trail, so other racers and our snowmachine rovers can see you. This is very important-- Attach your flashing light to your bike, ski pole, or sled to alert passing snowmachines to your presence. Be sure it is turned on and flashing.