The next Susitna 100 will be held February 14-16, 2015

 We look forward to seeing you in 2015.

Susitna 100

  The Susitna 100 is a ski, foot, or bike race held on packed snowmachine trails in the Susitna River valley, north of Anchorage.
The remoteness of the trail, distance between checkpoints, and the winter conditions during the Race make it necessary for the racers to carry with them survival equipment as described in
Su 100 Gear

Gear to be used must pass inspection  

Gear Check

All Susitna 100 racers must attend

The mandatory Susitna 100 gear check

and pre-race meeting will be held at a location yet to be determined on the

Thursday before the race weekend

 Gear check will begin at 5:30

The general meeting and trail briefing will

follow about 6:30

Not until Race morning do racers need to declare their chosen division.  They may decide to Ski, Bike, or travel on Foot, which may include snowshoes.
Racers are required to present a valid credit card at the pre-race meeting. Credit card information and authorization will be taken at the meeting, but will only be charged if the racer is evacuated.

Racers must be at least 18 by the day of the race  unless prior approval by the board.